Monday, November 1, 2010

NY snacking

So SO so many food places I can talk about in NYC where I used to live. Not living there was hard mainly because of food... I love what NYC has to offer. These three just happened to be places where I had their food photographed.

This is Parisi in Nolita. I used to work & live a few blocks from here. The prices are reasonable for their GENEROUS portions. For sandwiches, I don't know why one should go anywhere else for their lunch break. The prices are just like any ol' Deli and their quality is much MUCH better. This photo is of pastrami sandwich I got with provolone, but I used to love their chicken cutlet sandwich with roasted red pepper in garlic oil and their tuna salad is also delicious.~ one of my favorite was Tuna salad with prov and red pepper on sweet semolina round bread. Its Humongous!

Second is this Craperie, Crepe De Paris on Ludlow. This is also close enough to my apartment that I used to go quite often. this picture shows crepe with strawberry, banana, nutella, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, whip cream and ice cream. The portion is Huge. Their crepe is the biggest i've had in NY. This totaled to about 10 bucks but its plenty big for two or three ppl (if you choose to eat it alone, its not impossible :) )

lastly, I Love Macarons. The best I found in NYC was from Madeleine Patisserie. So many flavors to choose from and they are more than you can ask for. When I used to go, it was 2.50 each. Their macaron is also the biggest I've had. THey are big, colorful, moist and delicious. Madeleine Paisserie has more than Macarons, of course. I loved their croissant (almond, chocolate, and ham and cheese!), lunch menus, and coffee.

This photograph is comparing the Madeleine Patisserie's macaron to those of Dean and Deluca.

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