Monday, November 1, 2010


I had a very fortunate chance to go to Babbo this spring when I went back to NYC to look for a wedding dress for my sister in law. (she did find one, by the way, from Cymbeline) I have nothing bad to say about this place. Service was exceptional, good wine, great food. below is grilled whole Bronzino. It was Moist and flavorful.

This here is Maccheroni alla Chitarra. I am sure this is one of the best pasta dishes I have ever had including my time in Italy. I love ocean-y flavor, so this deep flavored pasta with roasted tomato and fish roe really took me to my happy place.

Just a simple antipasti: arugula salad with shaved parmigiano reggiano. I really believe that they use the BEST ingredients. so simple, probably 5 ingredients... but it was so So good.

Unlike some other places I've been, this place did not feel so stuck-up to me like some other reviewers have said. No, I cannot go to Babbo regularly, but it's definitely a place I will keep in mind for any special guests or just any special nights :) To me, the quality of food they offer is well worth the money they ask for. Go to Babbo everyone! Goooo.

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