Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Drinking isn't my forte. One of the best feature Sakagura has to offer is their HUGE sake menu. Sakagura is one of Jason's favorite place to munch and have some good sake :)

Their food is more in Izakaya style (bar food) than in regular meal style, so the portions are small and prices are reasonable. Its perfect for me because I get to order many little dishes:)

this here is Daikon Salad. they put this really yummy aioli (cod roe aioli) on top for you to toss the Daikon radish with. Every bar has their Daikon salad, but what I like about this one is the ribbon strips of Daikon. It feels so much more substantial than stringy pieces other places usually use.

I believe this is a sashimi plate. Their fish is very fresh, no complaints there. Just a PeRFecT dish with your perfect Sake.

Jason decided to try the dancing AYU. its a fresh water fish that you eat whole. Its simply broiled with salt. Its a baby fish, so the flesh is tender and moist. I think he left out the head... or maybe he ate it.

Towards the end of the night, we were still not full enough to go onto dessert. So we ordered some fancy Onigiri. I was not expecting such a huge portions! on top of two huge rice balls (triangles, really), they abundantly placed heaping dallop of Ikura (salmon roe). On to dessert we went :)

That was actually the first time I had ever gone to Sakagura at night. I was used to going there for lunch for their lunch deals which are usually pretty good. If you like Sake and want to explore Japanese bar food in semi-upscale setting, Sakagura is the way to go~

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