Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am terrible at keeping blogs going. but I will write about restaurants and foods I've enjoyed and maybe it will help me with my horrid writing skill.
following Joe's Shanghai, the best soup dumpling in town, I like Morimoto. Pricy, yes. But Oh so good. And if you are lucky that day, you may see the Iron chef preparing your food in the front kichen :)

this is the dessert. very very simple little pumpkin cake with Ginger ice cream, ginger brittle, and ginger marshmallow.

This is Bonito tataki
with Myouga. This was part of the course (omakase).

This is what Jason likes to start his dinner with at Morimoto. Toro Tuna Tartar with wonderful condiments and dashi soy sauce. delicious.

This is Hamachi and Fluke carpaccio, I believe. very refreshing.

Over all, the Omakase was good. But I enjoy Morimoto's seafood more than meats, I think. my best picks at Morimoto are: Panzanella with Shabu Shabu, Yosetoufu with Lobster ankake, Toro tartar, ceviche, and sushi.

I also like Greenwich grill, which has very affordable (at the time(last year)) course menu. For that price($60), I would go to greenwich grill instead of Morimoto's course.