Thursday, January 20, 2011


If you are a foodie in ATL and have not paid a visit to Bacchanelia, you must. Bacchanelia is located at the back of Star Provisions. Star Provisions is this fun store/everything that I could spend forever in... they have a
-cafe (not to mention the food the cafe provides.. oh my),
-small meat shop with some steaks and lots of cured meats,
-small cheese shop with great selection of cheeses,
-and a gift shop that carries just random stuff.. all in the best taste!(ceramics, kitchen utensils, seasonal decorations, cards, etc.

Back to Bacchanelia. the restaurant looks a little dark and mysterious from the gift shop... kind of intimidating to walk in. I have never went in without a reservation:besides, you kind of want to look semi nice anyways. everything I've had was delicious. top-notch ingredients, creative pairing, timely service, and GOOD service. I like their appetizer menu more than their entree. I have nothing bad to say about the entree, but I just like appetizers. I have some pictures to share with you, but know this: because I didn't want to flash in ppl's face every time, I took these without flash. so they could be blurry...

This is their winter radish three ways. one of the "gift from the chef"

Kumamoto Oysters with yummy things on top. These are ridiculously tiny oysters with full of flavors. one of the best oyster dishes I've ever had.

I know this photo is not the best... but another one of the "gift from the chef". delicious spiced hot chocolate. Honestly, the portion here are not huge, but with all these "gifts" you will get full pretty fast.

Again, the picture does it no justice.. this this is their Lamb dish. My father said this was one of the best lamb dish he's ever had. He is not a big fan of Lamb, but he liked this one~

Maybe I will be able to update the photos when I go again. Despite the photos, Bacchanelia is one of the best restaurant I've been to. I think my parents and fiance enjoyed it very much.

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