Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cali n' Titos

this is a restaurant review of Cali n' Titos

Another hot spot in Athens GA for me is the Cali n' Titos. This is a Latin American restaurant in 5 points... one of the only one I go to in town, actually. I've heard many good things about many of their dishes, but my favorite will have to be their FISH TACOS.

They use fried tilapia for the meat, add some lettus, tomatos, red onion, and cilantro with their special sauce, as you can see here ;) for lunch, I think it's about $7.00 for two tacos, side, and a drink. I always get their maduros (fried sweet plantain) as my side. for dinner, the deal is a bit different, but definitely an affordable place to hang out with your friends, enjoy with your honey, or even for a quick meal just by yourself.

The restaurant can be spotted from far away with their very lively colors out side and also a colorfully painted school bus on their lawn... In the summer, their outside seating is wonderful (they have a very big area of tables outside. You will feel like you are in Latin America:) well, Kind of.

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