Monday, February 21, 2011

Umberto Clam house

This is a review of Umberto Clam House

Do you like seafood pasta? I visited this place several times during my time in NYC. I actually lived a block away :) I think there are many Umberto Clam Houses... but the one I am telling you about is the one on broome st. (386 Broome Street, New York, to be exact). Every single time I went there, I had the same thing: Vongole. Vongole is basically pasta with baby clams in their shells. The sauce, usually, is made with garlic, olive oil, clam juice and wine. It's oceany, garlicky, carb heaven. mm mm mmm. Their portion was quite large for a NY dining. especially going for dinner, one portion was enough for two ladies... though I finished mine on my own :) this particular time I went, I think they gave me normal clams instead of the tiny baby ones. I like the baby ones a tiny bit better, but who are we kidding?? Any way they come, it's going to be delicious.

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