Sunday, March 6, 2011

Galette again

The berries all coated in corn starch and sugar

I made Galette again.

We were having 6 dinner guests that weekend. 6 guests plus my family will be 12 people. A good size cake would've done the job for the dessert, but neither myself nor my mother wanted to make a cake. We were already making too many dishes so we needed something fast and fools-proof. Yes Galette!! Berries were not that expensive so I made my original recipe. This is truly the WOW factor right out of the oven. Now I think about it, I could've sprinkled the whole plate with a little bit of powered sugar... seriously though.. this is sweet, tangy, tart, buttery and just really refreshingly delicious, especially if you thought you had a little too much of pre-dessert courses :)

pleating being done. you actually want that much fold-over, so the berry juice
stays nice and trapped!

Ta DA~~~!

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