Friday, March 4, 2011

gyro wrap

This is a restaurant review of Gyro Wrap

On Broad street in Athens GA, right by the "arch" of the University of Georgia, there is a gyro shop I frequent. Something about the gyro that just hit the spot, you know? :D it's meaty, salty, creamy, and the flat bread is chewy, warm, and just plain tasty. This shop is called Gyro Wrap. on a warm sunny day, the outside seating will be the best situation. I always order the plain gyro and ask the man to give me a bit less meat and add tomato and onion (Lettuce comes with). Usually their wrap is pretty big that it makes difficult to eat as I drive. (how dangerous!). Their Gyro is made with beef and lamb meat, sticking with the tradition, but they have many other wraps that may not be greek at all. check out their menu here. A gentleman sitting next to me was eating some kind of a wrap about twice as big as my gyro, with what looked like melted cheese... although I was already full, seeing that steamy cheesy meaty wrap made me almost hungry.

Give them a try if you haven't already.

P.S. Almost forgot... try their feta dip with your curly fries. it's only 84 cents and it, again, hits the spot!!

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