Sunday, April 10, 2011


Pizza night sounds good?
making pizza at home is so satisfying and also SO MUCH healthier.
Jason recently made a pizza stone purchase, and I must say that it was a really good buy. not only does pizza stones work for pizza, we can make Naan too! I love Naan...

our topping of choice was:
pizza #1 Tomato sauce /pepperoni/ thinly sliced jalapeno/Mozz cheese
pizza #2 caramelized onion/ sauteed mushrooms/ goat cheese/ bacon/ balsamic vinegar

We had a GREAT deal of difficulty rolling out the dough and putting the toppings on without the bottom of the dough sticking to the board that we were building our pizzas on. I think part of it was that the recipe asked for too much water, and we should've added more flour as we kneaded. I was unable to make mine into a circular disc... so it ended up taking a shape of.. what looks like a made up country. Jason's pizza was beautifully round with a nice pinched edge, but since at least half of the bottom was sticking to the board so badly, it ended up being folded over and becoming a calzone, which was very very tasty :)

I don't think I need to write a recipe. what was in there is what is listed above. I think people can have as much mushroom or goat cheese as they want. I ended up caramelizing 2 whole onion for a medium pizza. I only used two strips of bacon and crumbled it on top, but I think anyone could put more or none! but the above combination was a winner! do caramelize the onion Niiice and sloooow. It took me about 45 minutes, until nice and golden throughout. don't rush and crank up the heat, do this when you have plenty of time.

With Pizza #1, I think THINLY sliced jalapeno is the best part. It just gave that wonderful KICK! like I said, the calzone started out looking like a pizza, then was folded in half. that worked very well for us :)

For the pizza dough, I cannot recommend the recipe I used.. since it did not rise well and it was a little too wet/sticky. But the first place I would've gone for pizza dough recipe would be Mario Batali's cook book or on It IS economical and you can be in control of what goes in there. No silly named chemicals in your home made dough!

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