Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Salmon Sandwich

LEFT OVERS... Ugh... I love to cook, but I dislike having left overs. I am not one of those snobs who hates eating something the next day, but come on! I want to cook new things! so faster the left over leaves my fridge, sooner I can make new stuff!

I really like salmon BLT. I guess I like anything meat with mayo, mustard, and bacon. but since this is truly a left over salmon sandwich, I did not have bacon, nor lettuce. But really, this sammie does not need anything more, in my opinion. Maybe if i had some water crest or arugula, that would have added some peppery kick!

Oh, the tar tar sauce was also an leftover item from about a week ago when I made my crab cakes. It's an good item to have around when you are having seafood especially.

Salmon Sandwich

1 piece of salmon cooked (grilled, baked, fried, whatever. make sure it's seasoned.)
1-2 pieces of bread. (I had mine as an open face sandwich, but whatever... this is a leftover recipe!)
1tbs tartar sauce
a hand-full cherry tomatoes
a clove of garlic, smashed
a pinch of salt and peper
a few leaves of basil

1. add basil to the basic tartar sauce. if you don't want to make the tartar sauce, I would just mix together some mayo, lemon juice, salt, pepper, capers, and some basil. it's still going to create some god flavor to go with the fish.

2. heat the cherry tomatoes in a small pot or skillet with salt, peper, a clove of garlic and a bit of EVOO. let it simmer and pop for about 10 min. Once they all popped and some areas are being charred, I smashed them with a potato masher lightly so they are all.... smashed. some juices will come out, so just keep simmering until it all get nice and thick.

3. toast your choice of bread and butter it. I kind of pressed on the middle of the bread so it created a very shallow "well" so that my cherry tomatoes doesn't escape. lay the tomatoes at the bottom, place salmon on top, drizzle the whole thing with your sauce. if you were to add any leafy-ness to this, I would put it under the salmon.


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