Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mussel in Tomato Sauce

I LOVE Mussels!!
and clams, and oysters, and scallops, and...and.....

my mussels when they are just tossed in with the other stuff

Last night, I was feeling like eating some really simple pasta with some kind of seafood in it. The other day, we had a pot luck and I thought of making a pot of mussel.... knowing that one of my friend is allergic to shellfish.  "Nah", I said, and made something else. So this was my make up time to have some mussels.

This is after couple of minutes of boiling. They are almost all opened.

 There's really no set recipe here.
Just a GOOD amount of good olive oil,
GOOD amount of shopped garlic (Maybe for a dozen mussels, I used about 3 big cloves),
Some pinch of red pepper flakes,
good white wine,
and some tomato sauce.
Oh, and some mussels.

If you are making a pasta dish like I did, have some spaghetti boiling while you make the sauce.  it only takes about 7 min to make the sauce, so it''s perfect :)

I sauteed the garlic in oil not until they are brown, but until right before that with red pepper flakes.
I added the mussels in there, and hit it with some white wine, and tomato sauce. Cover with a lid. Make sure the flame is on high, so everything comes to a boil pretty fast.  Once it's back on a boil for a couple of minutes, check the mussels, they should be open. If they aren't open, give them some time, but if they are, uncover, and let the alcohol taste evaporate. I ended up putting about a tea spoon of sugar at the end to balance out the acidity, but it will all depend of the tomato sauce you choose to use and also the wine.  DON"T OVER COOK YOUR MUSSELS!!

Eat this as is, or toss some pasta in the sauce and serve. I sprinkled mine with some lemon juice and grated parmigiano... I know some people are really against cheese+shellfish combo, but it worked for me.

I love Mario Batali. But I must say, I prefer Lidia's jarred sauces. This is the one I used for this recipe. mmmmmmmmm mmm mmmmmmmm

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