Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Heidelberg (OCTOBERFEST!)

I am a weirdo who can do without the beer this season, but good food?? I love good German food!

We just HAD to go to Heidelberg, one of the most famous German restaurant in NYC.
I've never been to Germany, so I just have to take people's word, when they say it's very very Authentic.

This restaurant reminded me of home. Very down home, comfy, woodsy, medium noise level-not from music, but from people talking and having fun.

I was a little frown face with their prices.  German restaurants I have been had been more reasonable with the same amount of food or more. Entree like above (Brat with red cabbage and potato salad) would cost about 25 dollars at Heidelberg. If it came with salad or soup, maybe I would understand, but...

But Of course the food is very tasty and we will certainly go back regardless of their pricing.

I had Brat with red cabbage and potato salad (the best!!). Jason had weiner schnitzel and an appetizer of potato pancakes. HUGE potato pancakes. we both took our left over home, and ate them the next day for dinner.
Oh and their mustard is to die for. I think they make it in-house:)

This here is Apple streudel. When we ordered it, we wondered, "is it home-made?".  We didn't need to ask that question:)  The waiter brought out the Apple streudel saying, "sorry about the shape, It just came out of the oven, so it's very soft. " It had Lots of apples and tons of cinnamon with (I believe) walnuts. Just the fragrance was enough to send me to a happy place. As you can see, it comes with a mountain of freshly whipped cream. When I had this, though I'm not German, I felt like I had a home cooked meal.

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