Tuesday, October 23, 2012

craft bar

Craft Bar.

Wonderful location, fine ambiance, nice servers....

But I really regret having to say that there was nothing spectacular about their food.
We ordered a few appetizers, and the only one that we really liked was the simple tomato salad.
I had the squid ink pasta. I thought it was very tasty, but also very salty. We were hungry enough that I did not want to comment on it and wait for another plate to return. My husband had the Duck Confit. We almost never go wrong with Duck Confit, right? meh. This one was somewhat bland and disappointing. My friend had the white fish, which was also boring.

For dessert, we had strawberry tart with lemon curd. THAT was delicious. Very very tart, but I like that in this kind of dessert.

So over all, I do not have the desire to go back, but maybe it was my expectation being too high from being told that the restaurant was very good.
I really want to try the craft restaurant, which is another sister of the craft bar. I heard their dishes are more expensive, but I am willing to give it a go :)

Tomato Salad


 Liver terrine, I think

 Squid ink pasta

 not so impressive duck confit

white fish

wild strawberry tart

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