Saturday, October 27, 2012

I saw them on food network, and was unable to shake them off my mind. The Lobster roll looked so darn good! just look at it! This is no a picture from a random search. This Lobster roll was MY Lobster roll. Although Soho is a but out of my way, I took a trip with my husband and a couple friend.

My rating?

it's hard to say. It has LOTS of Lobster meat, I give you that one. For me, I wanted half the Lobster  and half the price. To my surprise, the Lobster itself was not that impressive. It certainly did NOT taste like it was killed a few minutes ago. It had that weird chemically taste you sometimes get from shrimp? It wasn't that big, rich, lobster taste that I am used to. Tasted almost watery...?

I mean, after I ate 2/3  of the lobster mountain, I was able to pick it up and eat it like a roll. The combination of buttery toasted bread and mayo based lobster was very nice. But when I was eating that top half, it was not a big smile moment. More like... Hmmm? moment.

The friends I went with went back there for some oysters and clams. They said it was very lovely. So I would love to try that some time, especially now that the season is juuuust right :)

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