Thursday, October 25, 2012

MESA grill

Sure, I do like to try restaurants owned by celebrity chefs :)

This is actually the first Bobby Flay restaurant I've been to.
My baby niece and family was visiting, so we needed to get a reservation at a restaurant that serves wonderful food, good with big group, AND is casual enough to bring a baby along. The server was very cooperative with the baby situation, and I can't really say much negative comment about MESA grill.

We ordered the corn soup for the baby since she could not wait too long. She Loved it (and so did we!!) the purest sweetness of the corn was so boldly present in this bowl of soup! it's healthy, and no chewing required :)

Let me talk about their meats though.

BEST MEATS! on TV, I see him cook lots of meats. It's no secret that he is a big carnivore.  About half the table ordered the filet mignon. It was cooked PERFECTLY: Moist, tender, melt-in-yo-mouth, and just plain good quality! And I am a sauce girl. So I appreciated the sauces the block of meat sat on. 

We had some desserts which were also yummy and satisfying, but I cannot tell you know what they were exactly. I just know that one time I went there, we left the restaurant full, satisfied, and happy.

 I had the rabbit. SOooo good! I loved the cous cous as well!

 Filet mignon. Just lovely

 Check out the perfection inside

 churros with two sauces. very shareable and comforting!

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