Wednesday, November 14, 2012

99 restaurant

This is another CT restaurant.

When you go to their website, and from the look of this restaurant, I was afraid that they are cousin of Apple bees or Olive Garden.
But my friends who knows us well, assured me that it will not be as such.

The decor, the staff, the menu... they all look all too familiar like Apple bee's we used to go in high school over a decade ago. I ordered a salad because I had a very large lunch, but my friends all ordered some kind of heavy protein. We also had their signature chicken... 'boneless wings', I believe they called it. 

Wings came out. The plating is of any family chain restaurant. And the taste? hmmm.... Good, but good like how Reese's peanut butter cup is good, or any Chinese take out is 'good'. It was battered, fried, and coated in sweet/tangy mustardy/BBQ-y sauce. Tasty though.

But my surprise was with their meat. The steak my husband had was cooked perfectly and very flavorful. I think I remember steaks at Apple Bee's being tough, over done and chewy.  My friend had a shrimp dish, and the shrimp was nicely seasoned (maybe a little salty) and was cooked very well (not over cooked). My salad was also good. I think I had the southwestern cobb salad, and it was HUGE! I think I chose a wrong dressing for it, but the elements in the salad was great. Grilled asparagus and grilled tomato, good amount of egg and loads of chicken breast that was very moist and tender. Our other friend had their filet tips. In too many occasion, filet tips can be tough and stringy, but 99 offered it very nicely, and cooked perfectly.

Over all, I was very pleasantly surprised bu 99 restaurant. We cannot judge a book by it's cover, huh?

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