Friday, December 14, 2012

Liège waffle

 flowers from my garden.

Belgian waffle.. there are many kinds of waffles made in Belgium, but none are called "Belgian Waffles" :)

These are not your typical breakfast waffles, so don't make them for breakfast!

or do, if you want a sweet, rich, dense treats for breakfast :D

These are deffinately NOT fluffy. It's more like a dense, buttery, sweet, soft cookie-like waffle with crunch outside. I guess the best comparison I can think of is Madeleine. It's like a denser madeleine with caramelized surface.  They also get these big rock sugar (pearl sugar) and they add a nice crunch when you bite into them. NO WORRIES though, if you can't find it. I actually made my last batch without them and they are just as delicious.

Use GOOD BUTTER. That will make all the difference in the world.  Also, the waffle maker I have is an old fashion one with much deeper ridges. I am sure these will come out fine with smaller ridges too! just make sure you wait to take them out until both sides are nice and caramelized. 

This is my mother's recipe

125g Butter
125g Shortening
3 egg
200g Sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2Tbsp Milk
Vanilla extract
250g bread flour

* I have used all purpose flour many times in this recipe and it's totally fine. Bread flour will just make more denser cookie.

**pearl sugar goes in at the end, if you are using it. Just take the same measurement out of the regular sugar and replace it with the pearl sugar.

*** I have also used ALL butter when I dudn't have shortening, and that also works fine. Wow... what a forgiving recipe.

1. Cream your butter and shortening together in a large bowl.
2. add eggs one by one and mix it in well after each addition
3. add the sugar. Don't dump all of it at once, maybe divide into 3-4 times
4. Add in salt, vanilla and milk.
5. Add flour. Same as sugar, put in a 3rd at a time.
6. Brush some butter onto the waffle iron and put a dollop in the middle and press.

with my iron, it takes about a minute and a half per side, but you most likely have a electrical one, so I wouldn't worry about that. DO make sure that they get some nice caramelization  on the surface;)

 So this is what the batter looks like.
Not like a waffle batter, huh? just dollop it with a spoon.

 Yes, these are my better looking ones. I did burn a few. 

 What pearl sugar looks like (with a tooth pick as comparison)

 Take a look at the inside! moist, rich, dense... I keep repeating these words, 
but that's exactly what they are!

 This is my iron. good looking, huh?


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