Wednesday, December 5, 2012



Marmalade was never my favorite jam. Every morning for breakfast as I was growing up, we had toast, egg, bacon, sauteed vege, fruits, yogurt....  but on my toast, I usually wanted peanut butter or honey and butter, left over pastry cream and sliced strawberries...

Marmalade? No Way! bitter... so bitter.  Why would I want citrus rind??

But today, I want only my marmalade on my toast. Yes, I suppose my taste buds have matured since I was little, but man, home made marmalade IS better than store bought. I followed Ina Garten's "Anna's Marmalade" recipe. It is So easy!

I must admit though, It was not a complete success. The recipe says to add water if it gets too hard. But I didn't know when to know it was too hard. so I boiled it up the temperature, and jarred them.  AFTER giving one jar to a friend, I came home, wanted a snack so I took some left over croissant for my marmalade. Uh oh. It was hard. like.... spreading would've made the toast into paper, because you would have to press pretty hard.

fix-up was so easy! I just added about quarter cup of water (I added about two table spoon at a time to make sure I liked the consistency), and just made it come up to a simmer again and turned the heat off. I ended up with an amazing, spreadable, flavorful, marmalade :)

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