Wednesday, December 26, 2012



Delicious dinner rolls

I Love Carb.

I love bread, pasta, bread, pasta, bread.....

I attempted some nice rolls before, but this one?? a WIN!

I got the recipe from Laura Vitale 's website. It gives you the ingredients, and you can also see it being made on her youtube video. It always helps me when I SEE it made, you know? My dough turned out MUCH less tacky than her's. I worried that I added an extra cup of flour or something. It turned out fine though :) Just tougher to knead. Yes, I kneaded by hand because my 15 yr old kitchen aid just didn't do the job right.

I also cut the sugar to around 2Tbsp. I didn't want the rolls to be too sweet since I was having it with dinner.

This recipe really makes the most beautiful rolls. When it comes out of the oven, it's the woos and ahhs moment. My family was watching, and as I brushed the tops with melted butter, it took it to the next level by making a nice SHINY coat.

Restaurant quality?

When would you get nice fresh-made rolls like this at a restaurant!!??

try it. 

 oops. I didn't think they would rise so much... I should've moved that rack up.

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