Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This is the bone marrow. I did not get to eat it, but it sure went fast :)

This is a restaurant review

Just like any other girl, I like to taste everyone else's food when I'm eating out. I like to have a variety! that's probably why I LoVe Buffets.

Also, that's why we Love Tapas!! Food from Spain that are presented in smaller plates so you can order about 3 just for yourself :)

Let me tell you about Casa MONO. It is Located in a very convenient Union square area (Irving and 17th, to be exact). It's a TINY restaurant that's always packed with people. Yes, a bit pricy, that's probably why I went when my parents were visiting town. My parents are hard to please in terms of quality of food and service. But Casa MONO? they got an A! Our Server was very knowledgeable about their food and also wine, thus leading us to have many glasses of wine :)

No, I've never been to Spain, but from what I've read about this place, they are pretty darn authentic. I loved the whole fried sardines, clams, and razor clams. mmm.... very good seafood there. excuse me for the poor quality of photos, but we must've been hungry, because by the time we remembered to take pictures, the food had already been devoured.

Sardina Fritas... after it was eaten... In Japan, we eat the whole fish bone and all, but the ones we eat are babies. These had bones that was a bit too hard to chew. I did not get to it fast enough. there were even enough for half of us to have two! and still, it was shoved into our mouths faster than I could take a picture.

clams! I Love Love clams. Especially when it is simply prepared with garlic, EVOO and white wine. Boy, this wasn't as simple as that, yet delish! I did not need the mayo-like sauce on top. It was full of flavor and texture.

This is the burnt sugar flan. Basically a creme brulee. the boat like things are dough fried around a pieces of fresh bay leaves. I am sure this isn't how it is done, but it is as if you took a bay leaf, dipped it in a doughnut batter, they straight into a fryer. I wasn't sure if it tasted amazing enough for the trouble (especially since the actual leaf gets thrown away), but my father really enjoyed it :)