Sunday, August 5, 2012



One of the restaurants in NYC that can justify their high prices. I went with Jason and two other friends, and they ALL were very satisfied with absolutely everything.

The atmosphere is very comfortable in a classy way: dim lights, but not too dim that elderly can't read the menu, exposed brick, fresh flowers, comfortable chairs... It is a fancy restaurant, yet they made me feel comfortable and sophisticated at the same time.

Of course, they brought out some compliments from the chef! I do love it when a restaurant does that. And of course! it was delicious. Shame that I cannot remember the details, but this was panna cotta of sorts (I think peach) with caviar on top. Yum.

Good restaurant MUST have good bread.  On this display, there are bite sized Arancini (delicious), homemade rosemary crackers, and teeny weeny loaf of cornbread. Oh I was already in heaven :)

Four of us each had an appetizer. Jason had  heirloom tomato, panzanella, stracciatella cheese, basil (straight from their menu) and Wow... it transported me back to my lovely 5 months spent in Tuscany. I had the  melon salad, favas, figs, mangalica ham Everything about this sounded RIGHT.  And see how beautiful chefs plate at Dovetail? I would go back, just to see their playful and beautiful plating. Oh and it tasted excellent. 


For entree, I had the duck. I only order duck in places that I am sure would have a good duck, because I strongly dislike bad duck... surely Dovetail would have an excellent duck?? yes! excellent indeed. Their portion is just perfect, meat done to medium-medium rare, and the sauce! I am a sauce person and it pulled my duck dish all together. Lovely. 

Oh let me mention that Jason had their roasted chicken, and it was the moistest, yet crispiest piece of chicken breast I have ever had. 

 I am sorry to say, we did not have any dessert. Honestly, we were just really contented with what we had. But of course! not ordering desserts turned out just perfect for us because the kitchen provided us with small sweet compliments. Perfect, I'd say.

They were Leeche gelee, small brownie, and lavender white chocolate truffles :)