Monday, February 25, 2013

Oven Roasted Pulled Pork !!

I am a HUGE fan of The Food network show, triple D's.
As I watch it, since they show most of their cooking process, I began to think that I can do it myself too!

One of the favorites was pulled pork.  Of course most of those restaurant would have a smoker, but I did see a few slow roasted in the oven. I also saw that most rubs consists of paprika, cayenne, brown sugar, salt, pepper, onion/garlic powders and few other things.  So I watched a few tutorials on youtube and created my own. Some said it should be cooked over night, some said 5 hrs... so I just left mine in for 12 hrs :)

The Result was .....  very satisfying.

This here is my 8 lbs bone-in pork shoulder

I coated them in my spice rub and let it sleep over night. This pic is my rested beast ready for the oven! see? it's still dark outside. probably around 6:45am.

12 hrs later.... It falls apart

 I made some Carolina style BBQ sauce to put it on top, but you probably could use any GOOD BBQ sauce for yours.

Your house will smell like a carnivore's heaven. With little spices from the pantry and about 15 bucks forth of meat, you can feed at least 10 ppl. I will definitely make this for a party next time opportunity arises! Warmer weather is coming! Living in NY, it seem to never come, but when it does, have a BBQ party!

8lbs  bone-in pork shoulder
3tbs salt
3tbs paprika (smoked if you have it)
3tbs brown sugar
2tbs garlic powder
1tbs onion powder
1tbs dried mustard
some pepper
1 sliced onion 

1. Mix up your spice rub, then rub it all over the pork until the rub is all gone.

2. Wrap it tightly with plastic and let it sleep over night or just as much time as you happened to have.

3. Place it in a dutch oven, sprinkle it with some onions (its fine to put it in the bottom too).

4. lid on, into 275 deg. oven.

I would leave it for 10 hours、but if you have time, 12 hours did it for me.

ps. there are lots of variation to this, like
-you can brine it in salt/sugar water, then rub it with a rub with less salt, then do the same thing. 
-Add more spices and herbs to your liking.
-cut some of the fat, or leave it all on
-score the fat down to the meat to add garlic cloves into the cuts..... etc!

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