Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Polish almond cake

Polish almond cake? 
After I made Dacquois the other day, I realized that my family really liked almond/egg white/ butter kind of cakes!!

This one wasn't a complete success because as I tried to rotate the cake pan in the oven for even browning, I managed to deflate the cake... Also, my "pudding"(I want to call it a custard), as google translate translated was a LOT yellower than the original recipe picture. Maybe there was a step lost in translation?? it tasted amazing, so no matter. 

Almond just taste so darn good in baked goods. I will always lean towards things with almond powder in it!

I got the recipe here.

There are a few steps to this cake than a, say, a bundt cake. But they are all necessary!
It is not written in English, so I had to kid of go with google's funky translation of cooking terms, but it came out really tasty.

Let me tell you, It's REALLY SWEET.