Monday, June 17, 2013

good food in an airport??

I travel a lot.
both domestic and international.

Occasionally, I try some over priced airport restaurants, but usually, I stick to my  pizza/ hotdog/ starbucks... safe choices. I was at a Seatac Airport recently around dinner time and Jason and I decided to treat ourselves at a fancy looking restaurant called "Anthony's".

This was after we were already sitting at a less desirable looking restaurant with an alaskan theme, I believe... They had the usual's, like burger, chicken fingers, wings... after looking at the menu for quite some time, we decided to desert the restaurant swiftly.

I had a small caesar salad with their "famous" chowder.  While I was not that impressed with the chowder, I had a very pleasant meal. While they weren't spectacular, they were both GOOD. AND under $10. Anthony's also has a deal with a local strawberry farmer who delivers fresh strawberries every morning, they said. there were three dessert items on the menu using those special strawberries. I went for it. I made sure I asked our very nice waiter about the strawberries. "Are they REALLY that good?" He assured me that it is. 100% skeptical, but I was craving for something juicy and refreshing, so I ordered their strawberries and chantilly cream for $6.

Boy, have I ever been that pleasantly surprised at an airport restaurant before. The strawberries were Legit!! their chantilly cream was not just sweetened whipped cream with booze in it. It had creme fresh in it too which made the whole thing so luxurious. Sure, I can't promise you that when you go, the strawberries are going to be as good. Maybe I got lucky... but boy was I on cloud nine.

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