Friday, June 14, 2013

Tomato season!

Don't you just love the bright, juicy, sweet summer tomatoes??
I do... I do very much.

There is an Italian restuarant my family used to go to in Tokyo called AGIO.  One of my parent's favorite thing to order as an appetizer (we weren't old enough to order, i guess) was a simple salad of sliced tomatoes with basil and a bit of anchovy on top drizzled with good tangy vinaigrette.

Simple dish, just like most Italian dishes are, but  OH so satisfying! here in the picture, i had used roma tomatoes, because that's what we had on hand and we were trying to eat it up before our week long trip to WA. If it was up to me, I would have used a juicier tomato. like... beef stake tomatoes. But those are hit or miss... after spending so much on a tomato, it better be spectacular, right?

Another thought about tomatoes. It drives me crazy when a recipe of ppl tell you to take the seeds out of tomatoes. I feel like that's my favorite part of this fruit!! (or vegie, whichever). My family also says that's the healthy part of a tomato, you know, the slimy part.

There's really no recipe for this one. you can use as much or as little of everything!

sliced tomatoes
anchovies (oh please use a good one)

champagne vinegar
lemon juice
a tiny bit of mustard
oilive oil
a pinch of sugar (just a little, but this is necessary because of the acidic nature of tomatoes)
salt and pepp

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