Saturday, August 24, 2013

Apricot Jam

Apricot jam, I think is the king of all jams.
My mother uses as a glaze for many of her French pastries.  I did not see the appeal as a child, but Now, it's one of my favorite along with home made Marmalade :)

Oh the lack of flavor in those store bought jams! How do they manage to subtract so much flavor from fruits??! I used just some cheap apricots from the deli close by and when I sampled them on their own, they were... "meh".
So I was worried how the jam would be, but the taste got concentrated.  It became this rich, amber-ish Orange, a little tangy goodness!!


apricots. seed take out and i ripped them into quater, no knife needed. I used about 10...
vanilla sugar. about 3-4 tbs. (just use a bit of vanilla extract if u don't have this)
cognac, just a splash
lemon juice. a splash

**everything here can be according to your liking. just taste as you go and keep adding sugar if it is too tart. Go with smaller amount of sugar than you think you need because once you put them in, there's no taking them out.

1. put apricots in a heavy bottomed pot with sugar, lemon juice, and cognac. place it on low heat and just let it be, stirring once in a while.  just the stirring motion will break up the meat of apricots.

2. I don't use any thermometer or anything. I just let it simmer until I like the consistency. if you let it go too far, the jam will be too thick. I add a little more lemon juice towards the end to 'tighten up' the flavor.

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