Monday, August 26, 2013


Have you seen the Movie??
It's one of our favorite Disney animation :)

My husband first tried to imitate the dish from the movie and what do you know?
It's delicious.

It's such a healthy and beautiful side dish that's somewhat economical and Oh, So Easy!
I basically do what I think they are doing in the movie....

 you will need:

Yellow squash
Egg plant (thin and long kind)
Roma tomato

Marinara sauce

1.Thinly slice all of your veggies.

2. in a oven proof vessel of your choice, put a thin-ish layer of tomato sauce at the bottom.

3. As you can see in the finished produce, you just want to start laying the veggies so it looks pretty.

4. salt, pepper liberally. (if you want to add herbs, do it! our jarred marinara sauce has a good bit of spices and herbs, so we don't bother usually)

5. bake in 400 degree oven until veggies are tender

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