Sunday, November 10, 2013


Restaurant review: Isola

When parents come visit for a week in NYC... that is the prime time to try the restaurant I would normally hesitate going into :) 
On their last night in town, I asked what kind of food they wanted to eat, and they said Crudo. 
We had already gone to Sushi Yasuda, so they had their fare share of Japanese raw fish. They wanted something creative and new.

So I believe I just went on yelp and typed in Crudo in NYC. 
a few places popped up, but with my gut feeling and other ppl's review, I decided to take them to Isola.

I high fived myself so many times that night. This restaurant was a peeerfect choice for my parents!
We ordered MANY dishes. many small plates, and just branzino as a big main dish, and two deserts. We had two kinds of crudo, like three veggies, one or two cooked seafood dish.... and EVERYTHING was delicious. 

I was pleasantly surprised with their pricing too. No, their portions are not large, but I have gone to many restaurants in NYC that would charge you double for their dishes! their flavors were delicate and entertaining... I thought if I were to come with my friends, we would just order bunch of small plates and be completely happy paying maybe 35 per person? not bad at all.

Their sea food is super fresh and service is friendly.  It's attached to a hotel lobby, so if you have a little one, it's still an OK option because you can just take them out to the lobby for some "site" seeing and exercise :)


While I couldn't get a reservation at a few other restaurants on my list that night, this place was more than accomodating. 

Isola... I will come back for you.

p.s. the lighting was .... dim, so pictures did not turn out as decent, but take my word for it, they were delicious

Panna Cotta was to die for!

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