Friday, August 1, 2014

Bent spoon, NJ

Bent Spoon.

Ever heard of it? it's a lovely little creamery in Princeton NJ.
During my amazing one week visit to my family's, Sara and I went three times...
These are relatively small scoops ;)

So here are the flavors I picked.

 Strawberry Mascarpne and

Sweet Basil and

Greek yogurt with walnuts (drizzeled with honey)
and milk chocolate and hazelnut


I love making Ice cream at home. I do.
But little creamery like this is nice to visit once in a while :)

what is it that makes these fresh, small batch ice cream so much better than those of bigger franchise? Better ingredient, local ingredient, attention (love) it receives in the process...

Warning: on weekends, the line goes out the door onto the block. it goes by pretty fast, but week days are better, if you are in a real hurry to taste these!

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