Friday, August 22, 2014

Last weekend, we went to Belltown Orchard in CT.

My very first time picking blueberries!! I don't know how much we were able to gather, but it was aaaa LOT! we chose only the biggest plumpest blueberries (which wasn't hard because most of them were).

Oh and peaches! coming from GA, I LOVE peaches. They are definitely my most favorite stone fruit! We picked about a dozen and by the next day, some of them were starting to soften. 
White and yellow peaches and some nectarines.
Delicious! very Juicy and not at all mealy! once we were home in NY, I put them out on our counter til they were all soft and transferred them to the fridge. 

I had all kinds of plans to make cakes, cobblers, gallette, etc. 

Pffft. they never lasted enough for me to cook'em. Ema and I ate most of them for breakfast since I can keep the skin on and Ema (now 9mo) would gnaw on the flesh little by little.

Oh joy.

I will come back next year for sure! And I'll be sure to get two dozens of peaches so i can slice and freeze some for cobblers in the winter :)

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